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Find a ring that suits her style

Now that Rockher has made finding the best diamond easy, the hardest part of the engagement ring buying process is selecting the perfect ring style. Although we can’t make this process quite as scientific, we’ve put together a list of the most popular ring settings and the women who love them to help you make the right choice.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

It’s the classic choice for a reason: solitaire engagement rings are simple and timeless. They are the best choice for a woman whose wardrobe is filled with investment pieces with classic styling. Because the ring style is restrained, the focus is on the diamond. If you are buying a solitaire, you will want to make sure that the diamond itself is worthy of attention.

Bezel Engagement Rings

Is she a minimalist? Does she love the sleek silhouette of contemporary design? She may prefer a simple setting with a bezel rather than prongs. The streamlined lines of this type of design is also the perfect choice for physicians and other women who work with their hands, as it has a more recessed profile.

Diamond Band Engagement Rings

This style has the classic silhouette of a solitaire with the added sparkle of diamonds on the band. It’s a lovely way to keep a style timeless yet increase the impact of its design. It’s the best choice for women who have a classic wardrobe that they personalize with luxe accessories. Does she have a closet full of amazing handbags? Accessorize her diamond with a diamond band.

Halo Engagement Rings

This popular engagement ring style has a ring of diamonds surrounding the center gem. This pumps up the volume, making a smaller center stone look larger and a large center gem look massive. It also amps up the style of the ring. A halo is a good choice for a woman with more dramatic style. Does she wear lots of colors and prints? She might appreciate a setting with the additional feminine detail of a diamond halo.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Another way to add impact to her ring is to flank the center gem with side stones. The three-stone ring is a classic style with lots of variations: you can match the shape of the center gem or choose a complementary shape like triangles, pears, or emerald cuts. The side stones can be large or small. The side stones are also a lovely way to add an accent of color. If she has an eclectic style and can pull off feminine, classic, bohemian, and sporty looks, a three-stone ring is a good choice.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

These ring styles celebrate the romance and craftsmanship of the past. They have lots of intricate details like filigree and engraving. The classic choice for this type of design is white metal, especially platinum. If she likes lace and ruffles and old-world craftsmanship, she’ll love a vintage inspired engagement ring.

Twist Engagement Rings

If you are drawn to a solitaire or diamond band engagement ring but it seems a bit too basic to be the ring of her dreams, introduce a twist. The Twist engagement ring is exactly that: the band separates and crosses over in a graceful curve. This simple detail adds a grace and charm to what is still a classic design. If she wears classic designs with subtle feminine details and is attracted to furniture designs with elegant curves, this is the design for her.

Designer and Bespoke Engagement Rings

Are all of these styles too ordinary for her? We have a selection of unusual engagement ring designs inspired by flowers and branches, Art Deco geometry, organic raw diamonds, and personal symbolism. We can also create a custom ring design that will be yours alone. Does she wear couture or design her own clothes? She may prefer a unique engagement ring that stands out from the crowd.