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Custom Engagement Rings

For generations, couples around the world have sought different ways to to celebrating their love by designing one-of-a-kind engagement rings. Our design experts will help guide you towards creating the perfect custom engagement ring.
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Start with a design and have it illustrated by our design expert. This process is very exciting, as you see your visions come to life. Next: Pick a metal - Though platinum and 14k gold stand as the most popular choices, there are others to be considered, and each at different price points. Platinum is a fine choice, and one that will last generations. Gold is a classic, prized throughout history.

Once the details are laid out, it is time to decide on the perfect diamond. How much are you willing to spend on this important detail? Remember not to sacrifice quality for carats, as having a larger diamond doesn't mean a better ring. Next choose the cut: Princess, Round Brilliant, Cushion? Each cut has its strengths, and each has its own personality to reflect your bride.

The final steps involve making a 3-D mold of your design and watching it come to life as our highly-skilled artisans being to handcraft your ring. Once you see the final product, you will fall in love with your custom designed ring and she will too.

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