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The RockHer

Custom Engagement Ring

Dreaming of a jewelry design that is yours alone? At RockHer, we offer truly custom engagement rings and custom wedding bands that are designed specifically and exclusively for you.

The RockHer Custom Design Fee of $350 includes three one-on-one consultations with your designer, three design drafts, a final rendered design, a resin model, and an accurate price estimate.

Our designers are not only creative and innovative, they also make sure that your custom ring will be comfortable and durable because they have experience creating high-end designs for many of the country’s top jewelry brands.

To create your custom ring design, you’ll video conference with your designer. After discussing your project in depth, your designer will make three computer sketches of designs for you to choose between. You’ll then receive a realistic 3D rendered version of your final design for approval that will look exactly like the finished piece (because your piece will actually be 3D printed from that design!)

We can also send you a version of your ring printed in resin so you can see it on your hand before we create it in precious metal and gems! We’ll use your choice of recycled yellow, white or rose gold or platinum, or a combination of precious metals. Once you are thrilled with your ring design, together we select the best possible center gem from RockHer’s unparalleled selection. We modify the design to accommodate the stone perfectly.

Then we are ready to create your bespoke ring from scratch as we would a regular RockHer design, with the incredible value in quality craftsmanship we offer in our Los Angeles workshop.

We’ll 3D print the resin model of your design and use that model to create a mold in a high-tech substance called “Investment.” Then we melt the model away, leaving its detailed imprint in the investment in an ancient jewelry-making process called lost wax casting. Then we cast your ring: we fill the mold with molten precious metal and spin it around to fill every nook and cranny of your design.

The metal casting is buffed and polished to a shine and then we hand-select and hand-set each gemstone. We work with responsibly-sourced diamonds from our sister company, the Braúna mine in Brazil, which is a showcase for mining principles that are respectful of employees, the surrounding community and the environment.

We polish the finished ring one more time, add a romantic engraving if you request it, say goodbye one last time, and express ship it to you. We expect a gasp when you open that RockHer box: it isn’t every day that dreams come true.

Insurance Protection

RockHer has partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance to make insuring your purchase easy.
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Lifetime Warranty

RockHer Lifetime Warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement at RockHer’s discretion.
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Priority Shipping

We use FedEx Priority Shipping to make sure you receive your item safely and quickly.
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Conflict-Free Diamonds

Our diamonds are sourced only from mines that follow the strictest labor, trade, and environmental standards.
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