Why you Should Take Care of the Prongs in your Ring

If your diamond engagement rings contain prongs, then you should realize that prongs are the most vulnerable parts in your ring.

If your diamond solitaire engagement ring is getting caught on your hair or clothes, then it means that there is something wrong with the prongs in your ring. When the prongs in your diamond rings get worn, they will become thin and even the tips of these prongs become a bit more raised above the diamond.

Several customers often ignore these signs because they assume that it will not cause any damage to the ring. It is best not to ignore these signs, as it may cause permanent damage to your diamond solitaire engagement ring and make it unsuitable for use. If you wish to avoid such hassles, it is best to ensure that the prongs in your ring are in fine shape. On the other hand, if the tips of the prongs in your ring look thick and rounded, it means that the prongs are in good shape.

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