Why you Should Own an Old Miners Cut Diamond Ring?

Cushion Cut Antique Inspired Engraved Diamond Engagement Ring

The unique cut of old miners cut diamond gives its characteristic cushion shape with a flat bottom culet, round edges, and a higher crown.

Cushion-Cut Sapphire Center And Diamond Halo

The antique feel of miners cut diamond is one definitive reason why you should choose old miners cut diamond ring. The quality of the cut owing to manual processing gives the ring a special antique look and invokes the same feel in the wearer too. These diamonds feature exceptional craftsmanship, which is largely missing in modern diamond rings due to their mass production by machines. The old mine cut diamonds also fit in well with most of the ring metals available today.

The other reason to buy old miners cut diamond rings is due to their exceptional sparkle. The handcrafted nature of old mine cut diamonds gives them a unique sparkle and glow, which is absent in most contemporary diamond cuts. They emanate a specific glow even in low light as they were made to specifically sparkle under candlelight.

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