Why Round Diamond Promise Rings are Popular

Why Round Diamond Promise Rings are Popular

Marcel Tolkowsky invented the brilliant cut in the year 1919. Since then, the popularity of round brilliant diamonds has remained timeless, and it still is the top choice of diamond shapes for engagement rings, wedding rings, as well as round diamond promise rings.


The Shape

The perfect circular shape of the round brilliants and their exceptional radiance and fire created by the facets make them a trendy pick for fashionistas. Furthermore, the stone shape when used in round diamond promise rings complements really well with the ring’s styling and design.

The Value

Higher popularity often refers to high value, and round brilliants are no exception in this case. During the faceting of the stone, around 50% of the stone is wasted, which is why these stones are highly expensive and hold good value.

The Grading

As round brilliants have a number of facets, it will pretty much hide tiny inclusions and imperfections. These diamonds are graded according to the 4 C’s of diamond, and that determines the price and quality of the stone.

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