Why Go for a Radiant Cut Diamond Ring?

The color grade is certainly one advantage and important thing to consider when buying a radiant cut diamond ring.

The rectangular shape with 70 facets allows it to display its color well. Radiant cut diamonds also tend to complement well with certain kind of ring settings. Solitaire is one common setting used in most radiant cut diamonds ring, as it can highlight the appearance of the stone along with its light reflecting properties. Halo settings are also popular for radiant cut diamond rings, as the surrounding smaller accent diamonds can enhance the brilliance of the center stone.

Besides, a radiant cut diamond ring would also provide good customization options such as the use of different gemstones as accent stones. Using colored gemstones can really add to the beauty of a radiant cut diamond and give a rich contrast to the ring. Other diamond cuts like round brilliant or halo can also act as accent stones to augment a radiant cut diamond in a ring.

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