Why East-West Set Diamond Engagement Rings are All the Rage?

The effect is particularly dramatic in pear, emerald, oval, or marquise-shaped gemstones. Essentially, it means the gemstone is set horizontally across the finger, instead of pointing towards fingernail.




East-west set diamonds are one of the latest trends to have surfaced in the diamond engagement ring segment. From traditional cuts to contemporary shapes, all sorts of gems and diamonds can be set in this fashion for a decidedly new aesthetic. In fact, there are a few reasons why people love this particular look.

Firstly, the ring setting imbues modernity into traditional cuts, whether flanked by stones, adorned with a diamonds halo, or as a solitaire. Secondly, depending upon the setting of the ring, the gemstone can be reset to a north-south position for a fresh spin on its side-to-side look. Besides, there is always something about a gemstone set sideways, and that seems extremely striking.

The last part can be the case regardless of whether it is a sideways oval diamond ring or one with a pear-cut stone. The setting is fluid and rather unusual – an ideal choice for classic brides-to-be who desire a little innovation in their jewelry piece.

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