Why Do Diamonds Cost So Much?

  • Diamonds are rare. This is because they only form over millions of years under immense pressure below the Earth’s mantle. Manufactured diamonds can be made inside a few weeks, but they are understandably not worth as much. With natural diamonds, the bigger sizes are rarer and more expensive.
  • Polishing a diamond takes an expert hand. The longer they take and the more careful they are, the more the brilliance will be coming out of the finished diamond. Less than 1% of available diamonds can be cut the way we want, which makes perfect specimens highly priced.
  • When grading diamonds, specific factors such as pricing and grading are considered. There are four distinct characteristics to base these grading on: the cut, the carat weight, the color, and the clarity. Knowing about all of these is vital to choosing the right ring for your beloved, and paying an acceptable sum for picking it up. Many jewelers help with the process by educating customers on the basic of the 4 Cs.
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