Why Consider a Pink Diamond Cluster Ring Design

The expense of a huge pink diamond can be a reason for concern in most cases. In order to tackle this, there are many diamond ring settings, that are sure to make your gemstones look bigger at an affordable budget range without compromising on its sparkle or appeal.


For instance, consider a cluster diamond ring setting for your pink diamond ring. In this design, numerous tiny pink diamonds of similar size and comparatively smaller price are tightly packed at the focal point of a ring. The tiny gemstones in the pink diamond cluster ring are secured by means of mini prongs as well apart from the pressure between the diamonds. The overall impact of the setting will create an illusion of a huge pink diamond at the center of a ring.

In order to highlight the pink gemstones better, you may give a halo of melee diamonds around the cluster setting. Otherwise, you can also beautify your pink diamond cluster ring by surrounding it with teardrop diamonds in order to replicate a beautiful flower.

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