Why Consider a Hammered Diamond Ring

In this type of ring, the diamonds are inserted into the grooves of a ring by means of hammering. Note that the diamond ring band used in a hammered ring setting usually thickens towards the center. In fact, it will create a dome-like structure at the center of a ring.

Apart from the gypsy diamond ring, this type of rings is also known as burnish diamond rings, shot diamond ring, flush mount diamond rings, etc. Here, the gemstones will sit flush with the metal surface since they are hammered into the metal settings. As a result, only the crown area of the stones is visible. Even though a hammered diamond ring setting sounds similar to a bezel setting, the gemstone is set into the metal in the former one, whereas it is encased by a metal setting in the latter type.

This diamond ring setting design will be ideal for all those people who lead an active life or for those who are clumsier and often knock into things. Typically, a hammered diamond ring is used as men’s engagement rings.

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