Why Consider a Flush Mount Diamond Ring?

The craftsmen usually hammer the gemstones into the metal setting so that it is well-secured. Hence, you cannot choose delicate diamonds for this purpose, as they are more likely to crack or break while hammering process.

You can set diamonds anywhere on a ring using this method, be it at the center or on the shoulders. A flush mount diamond ring is mostly used by men as their diamond engagement ring because of its low-key appeal. Usually, a solitaire is set at the focal point in this type of diamond engagement ring. However, if you prefer a sparkly ring, it is better to pave more than 6 gemstones on the band in a random manner.

Additionally, it also offers the highest security to a person who leads an active lifestyle as well. In fact, the chance for gemstones to fall out from a flush mount diamond ring is minimum. It is to be noted that smaller gemstones or the diamonds that are less than 2 mm deep are ideal for the flush setting. Larger diamonds are usually secured by means of a bezel setting.

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