Why Consider a Diamond Cushion Ring?

It is wise to invest the maximum amount of your engagement ring expenses on the center diamond of your ring since diamonds are very durable and will stay forever. Additionally, diamond designs may change with every passing day. Hence, it will be absolutely useless to spend a good amount on your diamond ring designs.

When it comes to the center diamond, the main thing that you must consider is the cut because it directly affects the brilliance of the gemstone. In case you are looking for an alluring diamond ring with a modern flair, a diamond cushion ring will be the perfect pick for you.

A cushion-cut diamond can be defined as a mixture of the facet patterns of classy round brilliant cut and the evergreen old mine cut. Yet cushion cut diamond rings have many upsides when compared to round brilliant diamond rings. Firstly, cushion cut stones feature larger facets in contrast to round diamonds. Hence, a cushion cut diamond will look bigger than its round counterpart when viewed from the top. Secondly, cushion diamonds are way too cheaper than round brilliant cut diamonds.

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