Why an Engagement Ring Doesn’t Need to Be a Surprise

While many men labor under the impression that their girlfriend will like “any ring I get her”, the reality is much different and more complex. Women have an undying penchant for anything that has a diamond on it, and if they want something, they already have an idea of how it is going to look.

When it comes to a 1 carat marquise diamond engagement ring, you may think that your significant other will have no choice but to love it, but why force it on her? Isn’t it simply a better idea to shop together and find what she likes best?

Men are far from mind readers when it comes to their women and what they like, and if left to decide for themselves, chances are they will buy something that isn’t exactly ‘the best’. This is why an engagement diamond ring doesn’t need to be a surprise.

You can keep your proposal special and still have her input on what the ring will look like; this will surely lay the foundation for ample communication in your future relationship. Not only that, it will also be the first big purchase you make as a couple.

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