Which Metal Bands Complement Pink Diamond Rings?

Which Metal Bands Complement Pink Diamond Rings?

Pink diamonds, as with most colored natural diamonds, are extremely rare. Historically, the colored gems have been mined from select diamond mines in Africa and India, and in alluvial workings in Brazil. Since the late 1980’s, Australia’s Argyle mine has been the most significant source of pink diamonds, no matter the rareness of the gem even from that part of the world.

Many celebrities, including Anna Kournikova, own Argyle pink diamond rings. When coupled with a matching outfit and a cool skin tone, even the standard rings pink diamond will look gorgeous and get people’s attention.

Since the pink diamonds’ color is so treasured, it is rarely set in an engagement ring with the yellow gold band. The pink gemstone has to stand out in a more pronounced way, so the metal band that highlights the color is favored more. Usually, white metal bands complement the pink diamonds in a better way than yellow gold.

Think of an engagement ring featuring white gold or platinum band and a double halo of same colored diamonds set around the centerpiece fancy vivid pink diamond. Owning one of those jewelry pieces is going to get you more attention in parties and public places – all eyes will be on the pink ring.

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