Which Engagement Ring Center Stone Do you Prefer Most?

A diamond engagement ring can remind brides of the love they have in life every time they look at their fingers. Even if you are not big on the traditional diamond look, there are many colorful gems, which serve as gorgeous substitutes.



There are many people, who go for engagement ring diamond alternatives, especially for the center stone. You can still choose to decorate it with small accent diamonds. Of course, that would give an amazing shine and fire to the ring. You can even choose a unique gemstone as the accents to go all diamond-less.

Such kinds of engagement rings are for people who like something slightly different or prefer wearing a jewelry piece that can cost significantly less than a diamond engagement ring. For instance, sapphires have an amazing appeal to it, so many modern brides choose it as the engagement ring center stone too. Even the Duchess of Cambridge was seen flaunting the sophisticated style of blue sapphire rings.

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