Which are the Best Diamond Shapes to Choose from?

A lot of times, you may find yourself thinking, “What is most important about a diamond?”.  The answer is that it is all about individually. One example is the diamond solitaire engagement ring. You can compromise as much as your heart lets you, but there is a certain limit, beyond which you just will not be happy with the stone you got.

Which is the Best Shape for Light Performance?

It is undoubtedly the round brilliant cut. Why? Because as long as it is cut right, it will exude the best brilliance and fire. Even a well-cut princess diamond will score much lower in terms of the sheer amount of light that is put out.


Best Shape for Color Retention

The radiant. This cut has more facets compared to a round brilliant, which means more internal reflections, making it the best choice when you value color retention above all else.

The Most Timeless Shape

Round brilliant. This cut is the result of many years of innovation by cutters and jewelers. This shape will never go out of fashion, because diamonds almost always look their best when they are cut in a round shape.

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