What you Should Know about the Mountings for Diamond Rings

Given below are the two main characteristics of mountings for diamond rings that play a major role in enhancing the overall look of the engagement ring.





Attachment Point

Gemstones are usually attached using symmetrically placed prongs like in classic Tiffany setting. However, using a bezel setting may surround the gemstone completely, thereby providing extra protection to the precious stone.

Six prong settings are widely used as they hold the stone firmly while bezel settings can be used for more expensive stones, as they protect it from any damages. Whichever be the mountings for diamond rings, the ultimate aim will be to keep the stone firm and secure without having to diminish the beauty of the stone.

Metal Used

The type of the metal used on the ring can affect a ring’s appearance dramatically. The metals used must be strong enough to support the gemstone and to withstand daily wear and tear. The strongest metals are titanium, platinum, and tungsten, while low karat gold and silver are the weakest.

A perfectly colorless diamond looks good in any metal, while a slightly low-grade color diamond may look gloomy when mounted in yellow gold. Jewelers often prefer platinum mounts because they provide a good balance between strength, appearance, and cost.

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