What you Should Know about Enhanced Diamond Engagement Rings

However, are all enhanced diamond engagement rings real?

This is a common question, which people ask when buying diamond rings. To answer that – yes, almost all enhanced diamond rings that are available in the market are real. Still, if you are a person who wishes to make sure that his/her preferred enhanced diamond ring is real, then it is best to check out the GIA diamond certification documents of the ring. GIA certification documents will give you a clear idea about the ring including its major characteristics.

In addition to that, customers will also be able to learn whether the diamond has undergone any enhancement process or not. Fracture filling and laser drilling are two of the most common clarity enhancement process used by the jewelers. However, if jewelers want to improve the color of diamond engagement rings, then they will implement HPHT (High Pressure/High Temperature) process to achieve the desired results.

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