What you Need to Know When Buying a Pave Set Diamond Ring

When buying pave set diamond engagement rings, you need to inspect how well the stones are laid on the ring.

The smaller diamonds studded on the ring can get loosened easily, and thus it is important that you carry out a closer inspection. You need to look at whether there are any chipped stones, as it can affect the appearance of the entire ring. Chipping occurs during the manufacture of the ring, and it is good to have a replacement if you find any.

Moreover, it is also important that the stones remain firmly studded onto the ring band, as otherwise, these may loosen. Other crucial things to consider while buying a pave set diamond ring are the setting. It is best to go for a pave diamond ring that does not have bigger prongs, as it can hide the visibility of the diamond. Moreover, larger prongs can also get easily snagged in clothing, and are also more susceptible to damage.

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