What you Need to Know about Thick Band Ring Styles?

Thinner band style engagement ring settings are considered more feminine pieces in comparison to the latter. Hence, they appeal to women.




Thick bands, most usually between two to three millimeters thick, are more durable though. Besides, the thickness means that more diamonds can be added for a setting that achieves extra sparkle. Whether you fancy a bigger row, a three-row pave setting or a split band, the thicker band can accommodate the same easily.

There is a downside to buying a ring with ostentatious settings, which may apply to thicker bands because they are used for them more than thinner ones. While the thickness ensures standard durability, it does not mean you can subject it to blunt force contacts. They may affect not just the metal band, but also the setting.

In other words, the pressure could result in moving diamond ring prongs or loosening the gemstones. While it is possible to reset them in many cases, it takes a skilled diamond setting specialist to achieve the same kind of style. So for the safer bet, go for simple diamond ring designs on thick bands.

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