What you Need to Know about Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

You cannot deny the fact that heart shaped diamond engagement rings are enduring symbols of romance and love. If you or your fiancée have a special affinity towards a heart shaped diamond ring, then it would be your first and last engagement ring choice. Below are a few things you might not know about heart shaped diamond engagement rings.

Even though experiments with the heart shaped diamond rings began more than 100 years ago, manufacturers and experts failed to create this elegant a fancy diamond shape for a very long time. It eventually took the help of laser cutting tools and computer models to create this shape.

You might be a little bit surprised to hear that the heart shape of the diamond actually started out as just a pear cut. Professional cutters modified the top of the cut and made a few slight adjustments to perfect a magnificent heart shape for the precious gem.

In addition to that, you should also note that most of the heart shaped diamonds engagement rings usually have 58 facets. However, some of the heart shape diamonds have 57 or 59 facets based on the shape and overall size of the heart.

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