What you Need to Know about Green Diamonds and Emeralds

It is said that those who celebrate big occasions in life wear green emerald and diamond engagement rings. If you fancy wearing such gemstones, it is likely you adore the vibrant green color. Still, have you ever thought what the gemstone color resembles?

Emerald, especially, has a symbolism and rich history. Past philosophers believed that wearing an emerald would bring fortune and protection against bad outcomes. For instance, the Greek philosopher Aristotle once famously said that one who carried the gemstone to a court trial would find a favorable ruling. Today, believers value the gem not only for its appearance but also because it augurs well.

Some colored diamonds, like pink and yellow, usually get the color from carbon element, but green diamonds get the color when it is exposed to radiation during its formation in the Earth’s crust. Apart from that, the same kind of radioactive conditions can be replicated in a laboratory, so that the green color can be exerted to a lab-grown diamond too. What’s more, both natural and lab-created diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties, which make them virtually inseparable.

Although natural green diamond rings may be rare to find, those featuring lab-created diamonds can be found easily in the jewelry market. Moreover, they are relatively cheaper too.

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