What you Need to Be Wary of When Buying a Diamond from Antwerp?

What you Need to Be Wary of When Buying a Diamond from Antwerp?

While that may seem like quite an endorsement for someone to buy a diamond ring from Antwerp, it is also known for a fair share of purchase scams. In other words, there are tourist-trap stores that misinform customers about something or the other related to diamonds.

Such things happen to mainly those who go in search of diamond rings Antwerp at a foreign land. It is also worth noting that while these things are not necessarily only concerned with Antwerp, it will not be a bad idea being more cautious while buying a gemstone ring.

Treated Diamond

People who have been to the area say that they were either not specifically told about the color treatment done to a diamond, or jewelers downplayed the treated stone’s downsides. To be precise, color-treated diamonds take a real hit when it comes to their resale value.

Exorbitantly Higher Prices

Some customers say that they were sold an Antwerp-institute certified diamond set in a white gold band, with a certain clarity grade and color grade. However, the actual grades were lower when they tested it back home, and hence, the product was overpriced.

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