What to Look for When Buying a Heart Shape Diamond Ring

When you are looking forward to buying one for your partner, there are several important factors to look for.

As like all other diamonds, the length to width ration is really important when choosing a heart-shaped diamond ring. Going for a 1:1 length to width ration is the ideal choice if you want the diamond to have the classic heart shape. Other ratios tend to make the shape look oblong and plump that stays away from the conventional heart shape. You should further inspect the stone to find out whether it stays symmetrical.

The symmetry is just important with a heart shape diamond ring and you should always choose one with the highest value. This ensures that the two sides of the ring are identical to each other. The depth percentage is very much important as it determines the physical properties of the stone. The depth percentage can determine the reflectivity and bow tie effect. It is better to go for a depth percentage of 54 to 66 percent, as it provides the best reflectivity.

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