What to Look for in Minimal Engagement Rings

Maybe a bride wants a design that speaks for her love of all things minimal, or maybe she just prefers not wearing something over the top.




Choose Custom

Many jewelry stores have beautiful minimal diamond rings, but the exact fit of a custom-made piece is hard to beat. The latter also allows for better input from the intended wearer’s side. Unless, of course, it is going to be a surprise proposal, in which case you will need to work with an idea of what she likes generally.

Simple and Classic

This is what minimal rings are all about, much like a mine cut diamond ring. Choose a decent looking cut on a simple band, and a solitaire setting unless you have another good idea. The stone need not be big and flashy, which means you can save money too.

Be Original

Make the ring as unique as you can. It should go well with the style and personality of the woman that wears it.

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