What to Do with Diamond Ring After Divorce

What to Do with Diamond Ring After Divorce

Have you ever thought what to do with diamond ring after divorce? Below are some ways in which people actually tackle this life decision after considerable thought.

Give Back the Ring to your Ex-Husband

In case you and your ex-husband had a mutual agreement that the diamond engagement ring should be given back to him in the event of a divorce, you would have to do follow that etiquette. This is especially appropriate in case the engagement ring is one of the heirlooms of his family.

By following this etiquette after divorce, you can also purge the sentimental feelings or emotional baggage of having to see the ring daily. After all, a divorce is a mutually agreed decision and one that suggests that it is time to move on.

Keep it as an Heirloom Piece

In the event of your man breaking the marriage, the responsibility of the ring might fall entirely to you. Therefore, you can choose to give the ring to your children or someone else in your family, so that it can be kept as an heirloom for generations to come. If you do not want that, you can always get great returns by selling it off online or at a pawnshop.

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