What Makes the Pave Diamond Ring Setting So Special?

The glittering small diamonds in pave diamond rings create the illusion of an unbroken diamond surface, which in turn boosts the appeal of the entire ring.

The entire band of most pave diamond rings are usually paved with small diamonds. The small stones that are elegantly encrusted along the surface of the ring make it look like a diamond instead of a metal band. A pave diamond ring setting generally uses minute prongs or tiny beads to hold each one of the diamonds or stones in the ring.

Manufacturers use platinum or white gold metals to construct diamond ring pave settings. The use of these two metals allows them to considerably minimize the metal appearance of the diamond’s band. However, pave diamond ring settings made of yellow gold add a bit of traditional elegance to pave diamond rings. This means that these rings are ideal for people who are looking to buy a ring with a traditional look.

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