What Makes Round Diamond Rings So Special

The only downfall is that round cut diamond wedding rings are a bit more expensive than other diamond ring cuts.




Several customers who are shopping for round cut diamond wedding rings are not aware that round cut is the most popular diamond engagement ring shape. In fact, more than 75 percent of the diamond engagement ring sold over the entire world is of this particular diamond ring cut.




Most of the round diamond rings available in the market usually come with 53 facets. It is crucial to note that 33 facets out of the total 53 lie on the diamond’s crown, while the rest can be seen on the pavilion of the diamond ring. The cone shape of round diamond rings funnels light through the top of the diamond and adds more beauty and elegance to hands of your bride.

If you are unable to find round cut diamond rings that are priced within your budget, scroll through online stores, as they often provide discounts on diamond rings.

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