What Makes Pave Set Diamond Rings Sparkling and Attractive?

If you desire a diamond ring that dazzles and shimmers from each angle, select a pave diamond ring.

The pave setting was made with maximum brilliance and light performance in mind. To make diamond rings with this stunning setting, diamond accents are set in a metal band closely together for an encrusted look. Further, small precious metal beads are placed in tiny spaces amid diamonds to secure the gemstone in place. The aim of the pave setting is to make the least visible metal on the entire ring band. The setting allows rows of diamond to be placed as if they are clustered, in turn, creating a swatch of gemstones and light.

There are many ways to incorporate pave set diamond accents into an engagement ring’s metal band. For instance, you can select delicate pave diamonds encircled by milgrain or go for one with three rows of pave diamonds. While the former style with milgrain gives an antique look to the jewelry, the latter gives a shimmering band of light.

Further, if you like pave set engagement ring but would prefer an even more delicate look, a diamond micro pave ring is worth considering for that. Micro pave diamonds set around a centerpiece diamond or arranged as accent gems make for a much detailed look.

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