What Makes Natural Green Diamonds So Popular

The largest and most famous natural green diamond, Dresden Green, weighed approximately 41 carats. The highlighting feature of Dresden Green was that its green color is elegantly distributed throughout the body of the center stone.
The characteristic green color of green diamond wedding rings is not due to any impurities; instead, it is because of natural radiation. Only the surface of green diamonds is green in color because the natural radiations are unable to reach beneath the surface of these gemstones.

The prominent secondary color in green diamond rings is yellow and blue. This is why bluish green diamond rings and yellowish green diamond rings are available abundantly in the market. However, if the color of these rings are desecrated, then they will become brownish green or grayish green in color.

Most of the green diamond rings are graded by the GIA and they are usually graded as Fancy Vivid Green, Fancy Deep Green, Fancy Dark Green, Fancy Deep Intense Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Light Green, Light Green, Very Light Green, and Faint Green. The rare nature of these diamond rings has considerably increased their price. So, if you are on a tight budget, it is best to look for other viable options.

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