What is the Best Way to Clean a Diamond Ring?

Your brilliant diamond ring may be your most prized possession. However, it may lose its soothing appearance if it loses its shine. That’s why you need to clean it regularly so that it shines and sparkles forever just like the day you first slipped it on your finger. Explained below are the best ways to clean a diamond ring and some steps to provide extra care to it.

Cleaning Method

The best way of removing accumulated dirt from the ring due to cosmetics, makeup products, body lotion, etc., will be to prepare a simple cleaning solution. To do this, all you have to do is to prepare the solution by mixing a mild soap into warm water. Now soak your ring in it for 20 to 30 minutes, take it off, and pat it dry using a soft cloth.


  • Clean your diamond ring at least once in a week to keep away from oil and dirt.
  • You can seek a professional jewelry cleaner to clean it once in a year.


  • Do not use chlorine, bleach, acetone, baking soda, or any other harsh chemicals when cleaning diamond rings.
  • Although ultrasonic cleaning machines are available for diamond ring cleaning, it would be wise not to use one often, as they may result in loosening of the stones.
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