What Factors Determine the Price of Diamond Ring?

What Factors Determine the Price of Diamond Ring?

If you make a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry purchase, you have to definitely know about what makes them very pricey. For this, gaining some knowledge about the factors that determine the price of these precious stones is important.

The price of a diamond ring can vary from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars according to their 4 C’s of diamond: color, carat, cut, and clarity.


Diamond clarity highly affects a diamond’s price. Diamonds that are more colorless will be more expensive. If the stones have yellow tints, then the price may drop significantly, but according to the intensity of the yellow hue.


Carat denotes the weight of the stones, so larger carats will be more expensive. For instance, if a 1 carat round diamond costs around $7000, a 2 carat one of the same quality will be $24,000 to $28,000.


Clarity of a diamond is yet another factor that affects the price of the diamond ring. It is actually the number of flaws or inclusions in a diamond. The more flawless the diamond, the more expensive it will be.


It refers to the proportions of the stone and the number and positioning of the facets in it. The most popular cuts today are round and princess and they are more expensive than any other cut shapes.

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