What Factors Decrease the Value of a Diamond Ring?

Knowing what factors account for the value of a diamond ring will helpful in forming a good decision and will help to avoid paying too much for a low-quality stone. Given below are three of the main factors that determine the value of diamond ring.

Visible Internal Flaws

Internal flaws are often called inclusions which can include crystals, black spots, lines, etc. The diamond clarity chart mentions about how visible these flaws will be according to the clarity grade of a diamond. If you can easily view any flaws just by looking into the diamond, it is probably a low-quality diamond.

Yellow Tint

Most diamonds with good quality grades are nearly colorless. However, the presence of a yellow tint in the stone may lower the value of a diamond ring. The stronger the yellowish shade, the lower the diamond price becomes. For slight yellow tints, using a yellow gold band can make the stone look whiter against the gold background.

Disproportional Cut

The cut of a stone determines how much brilliance and sparkle the stone will provide. Perfect cuts usually require sophisticated cutting techniques. GIA cut grades of Excellent, Very Good, and Good are high quality stones, and hence, more expensive when compared to Fair and Poor cut diamonds.

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