What Do Jewelers Use to Clean Diamond Rings?

So what do jewelers use to clean diamond rings?

This is a three-step process and the first step is polishing. In this process, the ring is buffed and polished on a high-speed wheel, which can remove all the little abrasions and scratches. At the end of this process, the surface of the ring is restored to its smooth, shiny and original self.

In the second step, the ring is immersed and soaked in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Along with this cleaning solution, the ultrasonic vibrates at a high rate and dislodges all the tiny particles adhered to the metal and the gemstones. However, not all gemstones can withstand the chemical solution and vibrations of ultrasonic.

The final step is steam cleaning. In this process, the jewelry is held under a  powerful jet of steam. This can get rid of any last remnant of unwanted clinging grim that is attached to the ring.

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