What are the Best Ring Settings for an Oval Diamond?

The number of prongs differs in some ring designs, but each of them can securely hold the diamond on the ring mounting. Prongs are also a popular choice for oval diamonds because they do not block the appearance of the stone in any way.




Whether it is 4-prong or 6-prong setting, the prongs latch symmetrically to the sides of the ring without affecting its visibility. Thus, light can enter the stone from all sides, giving rise to increased sparkle. These prongs also hold the diamond by its crucial portions so that it remains firmly affixed to the top of the ring. This will prevent the loosening of the stone on impact, which can happen during daily wearing.

The bezel is another top oval diamond engagement ring settings used by many jewelers. The bezel settings contain a metal band that surrounds the stone from all sides, thus offering it maximum protection. Bezel settings are either fully or partially covered and cover the sides of the ring. This can prevent light from entering the stone, and decrease the sparkle. However, a bezel setting offers complete protection to the stone and is appealing as well.

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