What are Georgian Diamond Rings?

What are Georgian Diamond Rings?

Customers who are looking for a vintage diamond ring with a unique design and style will instantly fall in love with Georgian diamond rings. These are the diamond rings that were designed during the reign of William the IV and George I-IV during the years 1714 to 1830.

The rings that were designed during the Georgian era usually represented intricate shapes and natural themes. Even though diamond resources were reported to be quite limited at that time, diamond cutters showed the courage to experiment with different diamond ring settings and facets. This in turn increased the brilliance and appeal of Georgian diamond rings.

Some of the Georgian diamond ring themes that were consistent throughout the years included flowers, butterflies, and ribbon work. In addition to that, some of the Georgian antique wedding bands contained stunning Grecian inspired designs that were delicately shaped with fine metal works.

If you are a person who loves such designs, you should look for a Georgian ring or an antique diamond sapphire engagement ring. However, the cost of Georgian diamond rings with such sophisticated designs may seem relatively a bit high.

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