What are Diamond Knots?

What are Diamond Knots?

Diamond Knot is one such term, that people usually confuse with diamond ring knot – the latter is a type of diamond ring design, whereas the former is a type of diamond inclusion.



Explaining Diamond Knots

As a totally flawless natural diamond is very rare to find these days, diamond inclusions are often regarded as an identifying characteristic of Earth mined diamonds. Diamond Knot is one such inclusion, which usually appears very close to the surface of the stone, and it is a very rare flaw seen in natural diamonds.

A diamond knot seems like there is a small stone inside the diamond. Although that sounds very amazing, the knot inclusion does not appear symmetrical always, and neither follows the growth pattern of the actual diamond. It also gives an impression that the stone has a raised area on one of the facets, which looks awkward at times.

Most diamond inclusions do not affect the diamond clarity grading much, but diamond knots do because they are more visible to the naked eye when the stone is viewed under proper lighting. As they are located near the surface, a knot inclusion is likely to affect the durability of the stone too.

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