What about Ugly Diamonds?

What about Ugly Diamonds?

So what happens to these “ugly” stones? Such undesirable diamonds find the following uses.




Engraving Tombstones

Diamonds are famous for being the toughest things on the planet, which means they can cut through hard substances such as granite and marble. Tombstones are usually made of these rocks, so they use diamonds to etch into them.

High-Quality Speakers       

The true audiophile knows the significance of superior sound quality, something that is achievable through the use of diamonds. These stones are able to direct vibrations and maintain the perfect pitch. These speakers put out the best sound you have heard.

Decorative Eyelashes

Madonna had those, just so you know what we are talking about. These eyelash extensions cost a millionaire’s ransom, sure, but they also bestow you with an appearance most divas would envy. The problem many doctors bring up though is that this can lead to infections.

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