Wearing Jewelry like a Celebrity

Wearing Jewelry like a Celebrity

Following are some ways to make a lasting impression among the people that see you.





Engraved Jewelry

One good way to go is personalizing the jewelry item with a name. This can be your name or that of a loved one. You can engrave it on a 1.5-carat halo diamond ring, a blue sapphire earring, a pendant, or any other piece of jewelry that has a metal surface with space to spare.

Adding Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry can be great when matched with the right attire. These include various types of earrings, studded with diamonds or other gems, in whichever style happens to be in vogue at the time.

Layered Jewelry

Wearing more than one piece of diamond jewelry has been a trend for a long time. The only thing to watch is that it does not get too showy. Different metals can be used, and this can even look good with casual wear.

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