Various Grading Procedures of Diamonds

Diamonds are also subjected to meticulous examination by top-level experts to check their clarity and color, and to give them appropriate grade according to the global standards.



A raw diamond undergoes several procedures before it becomes a jewelry piece like a ring made of diamond. Below are some of the most commonly used examination procedures.

Diamond Identification

All the gemstones are examined for their optical and physical attributes. Diamonds are studied carefully using advanced tools and instruments to understand the origin of the stone. It also gives the information regarding the color and clarity and helps in determining what cut and carat will suit the stone the best.

Diamond Grading

In this stage of grading, the 4 C’s of the diamond is examined. An expert panel at the Gemological Institute of America uses the most sophisticated instruments to analyze each attribute carefully and then issue a grading report for the stone. This report also provides information on whether the gemstone has been treated previously or if any enhancement process has been carried out on it.

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