Two Underused Gemstones you May Not Know About

Two Underused Gemstones you May Not Know About

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word gemstones is probably an image of shiny and brilliant diamonds. This is because diamonds are the most popular gemstone available in the market and they are widely used in wedding and engagement rings. In fact, millions of brides have invested in engagement rings with gemstones and diamonds in the last few years or so.

However, many women often complain that diamonds have become very common today. If your loved one is looking for a unique and less popular gemstone, then gifting a diamond engagement ring to her will not be a good idea. Instead, you need to look for other gemstones engagement rings.

Peridot is an underused and entirely unique gemstone. The characteristic bright yellow-green color of these gemstones makes them suitable for women with darker complexions. The longer stone and thin band of these gemstones engagement rings also make the fingers of the wearer appear elongated.

Garnet gemstones have gained immense popularity among customers due to their elegant design and signature brick red color. Garnet gemstones were used in a number of vintage-inspired jewelry pieces since the 19th Century. In several cultures, garnet gemstones symbolize healing, fertility, and sacrifice.

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