Top 10 Diamond Ring Designs of 2018

Given below are the top 10 diamond ring designs of 2018.

Oval Rings

Forever popular, these are usually used as center stones and have an elongated shape, which adds a different spin on the classic round diamond.

Asymmetrical Design

This is a statement piece, which suits the bride’s unique personality. Customizing the ring with unique silhouettes and black rhodium makes it adorable.

Chevron Shape

The V-shaped chevron band always looks beautiful when stacked with another chevron ring or your engagement ring


Diamond galleries add a charm to the ring as in Valencia and Viviana diamond ring.

East-West Style

In this style, the center stone is placed horizontally on the band. This can be set with any shape like oval, pear, etc.

Intricate Halos

It features cushion and round diamonds with a halo of diamond accents set in the band making the center stone appear larger.

Understated Rings

It consists of alternate marquise and round shaped diamonds with single prong settings.

3-Stone Style

This widely used style has an oval cut diamond as the centerpiece with round brilliants on either side.






Sleek Stacks

You can try stacking two or more rings together in this style. Rings with different styles, when stacked together, become unconditionally beautiful.


This style is using black colored metals like rhodium to create a chic statement. The color makes the diamonds, as well as other gemstones, pop out amazingly.

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