Tips to Set the Best Possible Budget for a Diamond Ring

Tips to Set the Best Possible Budget for a Diamond Ring

Have you decided whether you want a high-quality diamond, a plain band, or one encrusted with these gemstones, the type of metal, and the color of the gem? Have you realized which type of engagement ring setting appeals to you? Reputed jewelers will help you to explore the options within your set price range and make wise compromises.


For starters, it is sensible to choose a smaller gemstone with higher quality instead of a larger one with more flaws. A quality diamond is more rare and valuable, and in case you decide to upgrade the piece in the future, it will cost you a hefty sum.

If you are on a tight budget, it will be wise to select one of the non-designer engagement rings that tend to be more affordable than a designer-made one. In addition, consider selecting a diamond that is just shy of a round carat weight figure. Often, the gemstone sells at a premium price at half or full-carat marks; selecting one below them will be a wise choice financially.

To get a better deal, select a halo diamond setting that encircles the centerpiece gem of lesser carat weight with many smaller diamonds. This makes a gorgeous engagement ring with a vintage appeal. If done rightly, it will also make the center stone seem bigger than it is.

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