Tips to Purchase Three Stone Engagement Rings on a Budget

What’s more, you can easily change the sizes and types of center stone and side stones in the ring as per your preference. For instance, you could opt for an engagement ring with three diamonds or a variation of the favorite gem or birthstone of your future spouse.

Three stone engagement rings symbolize a relationship’s past, present, as well as future, besides friendship, loyalty, and love. If you select a colored gem as the center stone with two small diamonds on the side, you can shrink the budget, while making sure the ring still looks lovely. Further, if you select an engagement ring with three diamonds adding up to an overall 2-carat weight, its purchasing cost can be lesser than a 2-carat solitaire diamond ring.

The traditional engagement ring style with a single stone has always been trendy and fashionable, but things are changing now. Not that a 2-carat solitaire diamond ring falls behind in terms of style or variety, or that its symbolism is not tied to everlasting love, but purchasing one may incur an elevated price point when compared to having a three stone engagement ring.

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