Tips to Choose the Perfect Shapes for your Diamond Engagement Ring

Your diamond engagement rings must depict your personality and style. You can easily achieve this by choosing the diamond ring shape wisely. Below are some tips to choose a perfect diamond engagement ring.

Round Shape

This is the most common and classic diamond shape. This is also referred to as RBC (Round Brilliant Cut) as this is one of the common brilliant cut diamonds. Round diamonds have 58 facets, which will provide a brilliant and unbelievable sparkle to the ring. If you want a less expensive engagement ring with maximum sparkle, this is the one.

Princess Shape

This is the perfect lady-like shapes and one of the popular diamond ring shapes. This unique shape will offer maximum sparkle with its facets ranging from 49 to 144 depending on the size of your diamond. This least expensive diamond shape will hide the flaws with it immense sparkle, which will make you go easy on the clarity scale.

Emerald Shape

This shape is perfect for the glamorous divas, as the emerald shaped diamonds will show the quality of your rock better than any other shapes. Even though it lacks brilliance, the diamond will make you the flag bearer of cool confidence and undeniable elegance. Yet note that this is often referred as step cut as well, since it resembles the stair steps with its long, elaborated, rectangular shape and cut corners.

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