Tips to Choose the Perfect Setting for your Oval Diamond Rings

Nothing can beat the charm of the classic oval diamond rings. These diamond rings are less expensive and simple, but really brilliant because of its unique shape and cuts. You can make the diamond look better by choosing the ring settings wisely. Follow the tips given below to choose perfect oval diamond rings.

Prong Settings

The main purpose of the prongs is to hold the diamonds in place. Still, while choosing the prongs stings, make sure that most of your diamond is visible. Try to choose good metal for your prongs like platinum or 18k gold for a harder grip on your diamonds. The most common prong setting for oval diamond rings is with 4 or 6 prongs.

Bezel Settings

One of the safest options for your diamond rings is the bezel setting. Here, your diamond is encircled by a metal to hold it firmly in place. This setting will reduce the chances for your diamond to fall out. However, the main disadvantage of this setting is that it will cover most of the surface of your oval diamond. There are 2 options for this.

Full Bezel Setting – Here, your diamond is entirely encircled with the metal.

Partial Bezel Setting – Here, the metal will be there at only some parts and will make most parts of your diamond visible.

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