Tips on How to Clean Diamond Rings Safely When you are in a Hurry

If you are thinking about how to clean diamond rings safely even if you are in a hurry, the best method is by using a quick dip solution.



How to Use Quick Dip Solution

Quick dips are cleaning solutions that are available in the market in order to clean your diamond rings quickly, as the name indicates. There are different types of dips that complement various metal types like platinum, silver, gold, etc. Hence, while choosing these dips make sure that it is appropriate for the setting of your diamond engagement ring. Below are the steps that you must follow while using these quick dips.

  • Pour the quick dip solution into a bowl and put your diamond engagement ring into it. Make sure not to leave your ring in that solution for more than the time instructed in the label.
  • After recommended time, take out the ring; take care not to touch the ring with your hands as the oil on your hand may make it dirty.
  • Finally, let it dry completely on a soft and lint-free cloth.
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