Tips for Choosing the Ideal Diamond Pear Shape

Finding a diamond ring shape that is suitable for your bride might seem like a bit of challenge initially.

If you are stuck in such a confusing situation, it is best to consult with your better half and ask them which one of the diamond shapes for engagement rings do they like. However, if she is also unable to decide which diamond ring shape to choose, we might be able to help you with that.





If your loved one has square-shaped palms with short fingers, you should consider buying a diamond ring with a smaller sized diamond. Most of the smaller sized diamond rings look bigger on women with short fingers, which will, in turn, make the fingers of your bride look stunning and elegant.



Brides with long fingers and rectangular palms can call themselves fortunate because their fingers will be able to accommodate numerous diamond ring shapes. However, it is crucial to note that princess and round cut diamond rings are the ideal options available to brides who fit the above-mention description.

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