Tips for Choosing the Best Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Below are some of the important tips for choosing the best baguette diamond rings.

Color and Clarity

Try to choose baguette diamonds of similar color and quality in order to match and highlight the center diamond. Otherwise, the difference in the color and clarity of baguette diamonds will affect the appeal and harmony of the main gemstone.




Symmetry of Facets

Even a slight variation in the symmetry of the facets will be visible to naked eyes in baguette diamonds. Hence, make sure that your baguette diamond engagement ring has parallel and symmetrical facets.


The inclusions in the baguette diamond rings are noticeably visible than in round brilliant ones. Hence, try to avoid inclusions while purchasing your baguette rings.




Treated Diamonds

Baguettes can be treated to enhance the appearance of your diamond engagement rings. This is done by various treatments like high temperature and pressure in order to boost up the color and clarity of the diamond. These are usually described as treated diamonds and are different from synthetic diamonds.

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