Tips for Buying a 10th Anniversary Diamond Ring

Given below are some cool ideas you can try for a 10th-anniversary diamond ring.

Vintage Ring

Designed according to a specific period, like Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian eras, these styles are the best pick for your 10th anniversary. In this style, filigree and milgrain detailing are the main features. The former is a delicate metalwork soldering metal beads on the band, while in the latter, bands are given engraved details.


Eternity Ring

Eternity rings symbolize ever-lasting love, and it will be a breathtaking gift for her to mark your 10th wedding anniversary. This style is a good pick for those who like simple band styles, but with a number of diamonds that provide a great amount of sparkle. Eternity rings are available in any of the settings like prong, bezel, channel, and flush.

Three-Stone Ring

Three-stone rings are a classy ring style and consist of three stones. It either features a centerpiece large diamond of any shape with two side stones or a simple design featuring three similar size and shaped stones set close to each other. For gifting your 10th-anniversary diamond ring a colorful look, you can choose any colored diamond or gemstone as side stones.

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